Décadence, the Marc Jacobs perfume in a new box


Décadence, the exuberant fragrance of Marc Jacobs in a new boxDécadence, the exuberant fragrance of Marc Jacobs in a new box
Décadence, the exuberant fragrance of Marc Jacobs in a new box

Decadence, all the exuberance of Marc Jacobs in a box

Décadence is a particularly daring and captivating fragrance. It highlights the generous and opulent charm of women according to Marc Jacobs. It is a concentrate of pleasure with a very daring style. Its design is revolutionary and its fragrance is totally disarming . Décadence is a compendium of mystery with an irreverent spirit. So, how about grabbing hold of its particularly seductive box?

The fruity and floral breath of Décadence

Décadence is a perfume presented to us in a sumptuous handbag-shaped bottle. It opens with a luscious note of plum associated with the spicy and luxurious passion of saffron. Its heart is enriched with floral notes. It combines the powdery smell of iris with the poetry of the rose. The sambac jasmine reinforces the opulence of this composition. Finally, Décadence gives us all its sensuality in its wake, ending with a seductive combination of vetiver, papyrus wood and amber.

Marc Jacobs’ box

Decadence is revealed this time in a box perfectly matched to its bottle . Just like him, he possesses a hypnotic green color. Colorful and golden touches also decorate its front face, as if to underline the eccentricity and refinement of this perfume. Note that this new packaging contains two products from the range. It brings together the Décadence perfume in a 50 ml bottle and, as a gift, the Décadence body lotion. Thus, the smell of Marc Jacobs will envelop your entire body while taking care of your skin for the long term.

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