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Courrèges Hyperbole perfume


Courrèges Hyperbole perfume
Courrèges Hyperbole perfume

Hyperbole, the new fragrant breath of Courrèges

In July 2016, the Courrèges house decided to create an event. Indeed, she has just presented her latest feminine perfume to all the fashonistas on the planet. Courrèges has, for the occasion, put the small dishes in the big ones, not hesitating to redecorate the entirety of its showroom. The environment does not go unnoticed. Everything is designed in a very pop and feminine style, associating long orange bands with more sobriety emanating from white and metal. Welcome to the new spicy and energizing universe of Hyperbole perfume!

The Courrèges style par excellence

Courrèges is an essential French brand that has shone the image of Paris throughout the world since its creation in 1961 by André Courrèges. This exceptional house has the art of combining fashion, design and contemporary art. Always very avant-garde, Courrèges did not hesitate to combine a very Haute Couture style with more relaxed ranges and even sportswear. Indeed, André Courrèges is a sports enthusiast who notably had the chance to develop outfits for the Olympic Games. Likewise, we remember the Hyperbole clothing line dedicated to urban athletes. This one made its appearance in 1971 and very quickly made talk about it. Also, it is precisely a nod to the latter that we are discussing today. You will understand, Hyperbole is a particularly energizing juice. What’s more, this one also seems to be timeless. Indeed, it perfectly combines the tradition of fine perfumery, the heritage of the house of Courrèges and a very contemporary style. The result is absolutely captivating, worthy of unparalleled know-how such as that we know from this great French house.

The elaboration of Hyperbole

To develop this brand new creation, Courrèges called on two perfumers. Hyperbole is signed by the talented Antoine Lee and Jean Jacques, perfumer at Takasago. Both admit to having had carte blanche to develop this niche fragrance. They then chose to orient themselves towards a spicy oriental. Their goal was to create an “electrified, stylized” juice. “They have thus chosen to” give verticality and radiance “to their perfume. However, although this composition is particularly successful, note that Hyperbole is based on a fairly short recipe. Hyperbole is a fragrance of simplicity, based on 6 notes and 4 chords. Its start begins with a heavy and heady breath. Then, this is followed by the impertinence and dynamism of the pepper. Hyperbole surprises with its spicy facet and masculine side. However, don’t get me wrong, it is indeed a feminine juice that gradually softens until very sensual base notes evaporate. We notice in particular the exotic presence of vanilla associated with the sweetness of the tonka bean. Finally, it all ends with a hint of patchouli in a particularly elegant style.

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