Courrèges announces the release of the Courrèges Homme fragrance


Courrèges announces the release of the Courrèges Homme fragrance
Courrèges announces the release of the Courrèges Homme fragrance

Courrèges puts men’s perfumery back in the spotlight

It was in 1961 that André Courrèges decided to found his creative house, avenue Kléber, in Paris. Three years later, he presented a first Haute Couture collection called Filles de Lune.

It consisted of white skirts and silver materials combined with unexpected accessories like PVC boots. Courrèges’s futuristic style was immediately noticed and it didn’t take long for the brand to become an iconic figure in fashion. Nevertheless, Courrèges has long been characterized by its feminine creations. However, since 2014, Courrèges seems eager to bring renewal to its creation, in particular through male works. In this continuity, Courrèges is currently unveiling a niche fragrance for men .

Courrèges turns to men

The Courrèges house attracted a lot of attention in February 2014 for having opened a boutique specially dedicated to men, rue François Ier, in Paris. However, be aware that this is not the first time that Courrèges has addressed the male population. Indeed, in 1973, Courrèges had already developed a first collection called Courrèges Homme , associated with a typically masculine perfume.

His creations were represented at the time by the astronaut Patrick Baudry. However, Courrèges did not decide to continue in this direction and quickly refocused on its core business: creations for women. In February 2014, to relaunch this activity, Courrèges decided to transform its Millésimes space on rue François Ier, dedicated to vintage pieces, and to turn it into a men’s boutique.

“We wanted to broaden our spectrum while respecting the visual heritage of the brand”, explains Frédéric Torloting, one of the two entrepreneurs behind the relaunch of the brand for two years, during the presentation of his collection. spring-summer 2014. From then on, all that was missing was one perfume to complete the collection of leathers, leather goods, polo shirts and classic clothing from the Courrèges men’s collection. Today, it is now done!

The new Courrèges Homme perfume

The new Courrèges Homme fragrance is part of a typically masculine universe. Thus, he places one of the star ingredients of men’s perfumery at the center of his composition: lavender. This Mediterranean plant is a classic in men’s perfumery and many consider its scent to be reminiscent of barber soap from the past. Here it is associated with incandescent scents.

Thus, Courrèges Homme is a warm fragrance that does not lack impertinence and character. Its masculine side is further amplified in its wake and this juice ends with a more woody scent. Finally, through its bottle, Courrèges once again demonstrated avant-garde. Very futuristic, its bottle takes on the appearance of an oversized and imposing tube. Very contrasted, it displays an opposition between a very dark, black and opaque right side, and a more transparent and limpid left side. Thus, this container is reminiscent of the symbolism of Ying and Yang.

The message is clear: Courrèges Homme is a juice that is both powerful but serene, sassy but soothing.

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