Clarins SOS Pure, the ally of oily skin


Clarins SOS Pure, the ally of oily skin
Clarins SOS Pure, the ally of oily skin

Clarins is one of the most popular brands on the planet for its authentic know-how and the quality of its beauty products. In addition, its researchers mobilize all their scientific resources to uncover the beauty secrets of plants and put them at your service. In this context, Clarins has just developed a trio of treatments specially dedicated to the beauty of your face. In this range, the Clarins SOS Pure mask is intended especially for oily skin. Focus on this new product for spring 2017.

Clarins says stop to excess sebum

If almost all women love to shine brightly, it suddenly turns out to be much less true when it comes to their facial skin. Indeed, nothing is more unpleasant than having oily skin that starts to shine like a mirror ball! When this happens, your skin is simply producing too much sebum. This natural element is a protection that forms on the surface of your face. However, sometimes the amount of sebum is not properly regulated by the body. This makes the skin naturally oily. What’s more, some areas of the face are more affected than others. It is in particular the T zone grouping together the wings of the nose, the forehead and the chin. Furthermore, note that this sebum access tends to dilate the pores of the skin.

As a result, the epidermis becomes less regular and often lets appear some imperfections. Several factors then contribute to this reaction. On the one hand, know that excess sebum is transmitted genetically. In addition, hormones also play a role in this process. Thus, adolescence and pregnancy promote the production of sebum, just like a poor diet, excess stress, tobacco consumption or alcohol absorption.

The composition of the Clarins SOS Pure mask

To fight against this excessive production of fat on the surface of your epidermis, Clarins SOS Pure treatment has enriched its clay formula. Indeed, no natural ingredient is more effective than this one to overcome skin that regrets too quickly. The clay helps reduce the shiny appearance and uneven texture of your skin. Likewise, the Clarins SOS Pure mask does more than reduce sebum.present on the surface of your skin. It also tightens the pores of it and immediately makes it smoother. With an absorbent, creamy and powdery texture, this mask is very comfortable to wear. In addition, it is also enriched with a pure and fresh scent. So, applying it to the face is a real moment of happiness. Clarins recommends using this mask about once or twice a week, if possible on previously exfoliated skin. Thus, your shining forehead will now only be a distant memory …

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