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Clarins Multi-Intensive Neck and Neck Concentrate


Clarins Multi-Intensive Neck and Neck Concentrate
Clarins Multi-Intensive Neck and Neck Concentrate

Preserve the youth of your bust with Clarins Multi-Intensive Neck and Neck Concentrate

Clarins is one of the most renowned beauty brands in the world. If today it has a very wide range of face and body treatments, it must be recognized that its specialty lies above all in preserving your youth and in anti-aging cosmetics. If most women think of preserving their face from the ravages of time, the bust unfortunately remains a part of the body too often neglected. It is therefore precisely on this that Clarins has chosen to draw our attention. With its Multi-Intensive Décolleté and Neck Concentrate, the passing years will no longer be read on your skin.

Why are your neck and cleavage getting older?

The neck and décolleté are particularly fragile parts of the body. Thus, if they are an indisputable source of seduction when you are young, they can quickly become parts of the body that are a source of complexes when you get older. Indeed, the bust tends to age prematurely and wrinkles appear very quickly. It must be said that, unless you spend your life with a turtleneck, this area of ​​the body is put to the test! The neck and décolleté are directly attacked by UV rays. It is therefore essential to protect them throughout the year by applying sun protection. Likewise, the bust is also subject to numerous changes in temperature, wind and pollution. The hygiene of life that you have also occupies a preponderant place in its future. Finally, the clothes you choose are also very important to preserve its beauty. In other words, to keep beautiful skin on your neck and décolleté, favor cotton and avoid alcohol or cigarette abuse.

The Multi-Intensive Décolleté and Neck Concentrate, an anti-aging ally

In addition to all these preventive measures, Clarinshas made a treatment specifically designed for this area of ​​your body: the Multi-Intensive Neck and Neck Concentrate. This cream is suitable for all skin types. It densifies, smooths and unifies the neckline. Likewise, it protects it and preserves its beauty as long as possible. This treatment should be applied from your chin to the birth of your breasts. Its non-greasy texture is very comfortable. It continuously hydrates the skin and prevents feelings of tightness. The quality of your skin is then preserved. Clarins Multi-Intensive Décolleté and Neck Concentrate contains numerous plant extracts which act against age spots and wrinkles. Your skin texture is also refined. The Multi-Intensive Neck and Neck Concentrate is a real makeover to offer your pretty neckline. For optimal effectiveness, we recommend that you apply Clarins Multi-Intensive Neck and Neck Concentrate morning and evening. Note that it can be combined with other sun protection, which only increases its effectiveness, especially on hot summer days.

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