Clarins Instant Light Correcting Perfecting Brush


Clarins Instant Light Correcting Perfecting Brush
Clarins Instant Light Correcting Perfecting Brush

Even out your complexion with the Clarins Minute Radiance Correcting Perfecting Brush

The daily life of women is sometimes particularly stressful. Managing children, professional life and personal development is no easy task. Thus, it happens that all these elements leave traces on the face. Fatigue can sometimes be read under your eyes and form ugly dark circles or unsightly bags. Certain areas of your skin may appear darker and these pigmentary irregularities dull your pretty makeup. It is therefore precisely to help you camouflage them that Clarins has developed its Minute Radiance Correcting Perfecting Brush. Thus, the daily fatigue will no longer be read on your skin and you will always appear perfectly fresh and awake.

Why do we see pigmentary irregularities?

Some people find that their skin becomes duller over time. Indeed, with age, it tends to lose its shine. However, some areas may be more marked than others. For example, the part which is located under the gaze is regularly very affected. The skin is very thin and a simple failure of the microcirculation can then be read on the color of your face. This is why nearly 90% of women who wear makeup say they want to make their skin brighter. A complexion illuminator is therefore used to reveal the radiance of your skin on certain key areas. This little makeup product brings radiance to parts of your skin and helps brighten your face.

Clarins Instant Light Correcting Perfecting Brush

The Instant Light Correcting Perfecting Brushis a small and nomadic product which takes, as its name suggests, the shape of a brush. Its fluid texture comes in four different colors so as to get as close as possible to the natural shade of your skin tone. Thus, with a simple brushstroke, the shadowy areas of your skin are immediately blurred. Traces of fatigue are reduced and your face appears smoother and plumped up. The Instant Light Correcting Perfecting Brush is mainly used on the forehead, the wings of the nose and the hollow of the chin. Note that it is also enriched with oats, an ingredient used since the dawn of time and recognized for its properties in terms of firmness. Oats bring here its instant tightening effect. It helps in this case to reduce the pockets which are located under the gaze.

Use your Minute Radiance Concealer Perfecting Brush

The Minute Radiance Correcting Perfecting Brush takes care of the right amount of product and applies in the morning during your make-up or in simple touch-ups during the day. Its smoothing effect is spectacular and allows immediate beauty. At the same time, when it is applied to specific points of the face such as the forehead, cheekbones or the bridge of the nose, it acts as a real eye-catcher. Its small brush allows a quick and precise application. So in just a few seconds you will be shining brightly!

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