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Clarins Be Long Mascara, for oversized eyelashes


Clarins Be Long Mascara, for oversized eyelashes
Clarins Be Long Mascara, for oversized eyelashes

Clarins Be Long Mascara, for oversized eyelashes
Clarins Be Long Mascara, for oversized eyelashes

Treat yourself to oversized eyelashes with Clarins Be Long Mascara

The Clarins brand has existed for several decades and promotes the image of French know-how and elegance throughout the world. Its products are endowed with incomparable quality and always strive to bring out the best in every woman. However, what more beautiful asset of seduction than the glance? However, we are not very likely to have almond eyes and extravagant eyelashes. It is therefore precisely to overcome this that the Mascara Be Long was developed. From now on, the length of your eyelashes will no longer be a problem. Get ready to amplify your gaze like never before!

The Be Long Mascara and its unique design brush

Let’s start by looking at the unique brush proposed by Clarins. Indeed, have you never noticed that professional makeup artists use a mascara brush twisted between 45 and 90 °? Unlike our straight brushes, these brushes form a kind of bend: this is precisely what the Clarins house has taken up for its Be Long Mascara. Its small picot tip rests on an angled angle, which facilitates the application of this mascara. Indeed, this allows him to catch all the eyelashes one by one, even the most recalcitrant. What’s more, a small notch also slides over its cap, which greatly facilitates its grip. From then on, Clarins is a real professional tool between your fingers.

The texture of Mascara Be Long

In addition to its design, the Clarins Mascara Be Long benefits from a rich recipe. This mascara does not just make up your eyelashes but takes care of them day after day. It is enriched with a growth activator. Therefore, it is an essential product for all people whose eyelashes lack length. In just four weeks of use, tests have shown that the average lash length is increased by 1.1mm. Mascara Be Long comes in an intense black color, very loaded with colored pigments. From then on, it offers a magnetic look and an irreproachable hold. However, it retains the flexibility of your eyelashes and gives them a very natural and clump free look.

Apply your Be Long Mascara well

From then on, all that remains is to apply your Mascara Be Long correctly. For this, Clarins recommends that you brush your eyelashes from root to tip. To accentuate the arch and the length, it is recommended to exert a light pressure on the eyelashes and to make up them by forming a kind of zigzag. Thus, the color is distributed evenly over the entire gaze. Note that the Be Long Mascara can also be applied in two successive layers, respecting the drying time between them so as not to form unsightly clumps.

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