Clarins Anti-Wrinkle Face Sunscreen UVA-UVB 50, the best of Clarins in an anti-wrinkle sunscreen


Clarins Sunscreen 50+
Clarins Sunscreen 50+

Jacques Courtin-Clarins initiated a pioneering process, namely beauty through plants , themselves inspired by the best of nature in order to dazzle the world of beauty. Clarins brings together the best experts in its own laboratories in Pontoise, all driven by the same desire for excellence. Under the leadership of Jean-Pierre Nicolas, the referent ethnobotanist of the Clarins brand, Clarins experts survey the planet, and study the use of plants for the sole purpose of imagining skincare and make-up lines. Each plant that arrives at Clarins laboratories is analyzed, deciphered, tested and finally retained if its effectiveness is demonstrated. Here, Clarins presents its “Clarins Anti-Wrinkle Face Sunscreen UVA-UVB 50”.

Clarins Anti-Wrinkle Face Sunscreen UVA-UVB 50, protect yourself from the sun thanks to science

We all love to enjoy the sun and its benefits. The sun is known to boost morale and promote the production of vitamin D. However, we often tend to forget that the sun can present enormous risks to our skin. In mainland France, it is between the months of May and August that we see the most intense solar radiation. UVB and UVA rays are recognized as very dangerous because they penetrate the epidermis and can also act on the eyes. UVA rays are filtered very little by the atmosphere and represent 95% of UV rays reaching the earth’s surface. UVB rays are better filtered, but their intensity increases during the day. Whether you are simply in your garden, on the terrace of a café, or whether you are on vacation in the mountains or at the beach, protection from the sun is essential. Anti-Wrinkle Sunscreen 50 “. The latter contains a very high sun protection factor. It is particularly recommended for very fair skin, intolerant to the sun, and exposed in an intense way. Your Clarins “Anti-Wrinkle Sunscreen 50” contains a high performance multi-filter complex made up of the best internationally recognized UVA-UVB filters. The “Phyto Sunactyl” is indeed a completely innovative complex, and brings together plants endowed with an astonishing resistance to solar stress, it is an exceptional biological protector. It is combined with other wonderful active ingredients such as extracts of gold ear, pea, plane tree, olive tree and baobab, which helps protect your skin and cells from solar radiation. Thanks to your “Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream 50” from Clarins,

Clarins Clarins Anti-Wrinkle Face Sunscreen UVA-UVB 50, application advice

It is advisable to always favor high indices the first days of exposure, especially if you have fair skin. To get the best from your Clarins Sun Cream, it is recommended to renew its application every hour, especially in the event of intense sunshine. To prolong the tan and further strengthen the quality of your skin, you can apply Clarins “After Sun Repairing Face Care”.




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