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ck All the new Calvin Klein


ck All the new Calvin Klein
ck All the new Calvin Klein

CK All… Prepare to welcome Calvin Klein’s new androgynous breath

The news has just fallen and will appear on your shelves by February 2017: Calvin Klein is about to introduce you to a whole new mixed freshness in the continuity of the iconic CK One. If this one seems to have forever marked the generation 90, the new CK All seems to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor. It advocates universality more than ever and is intended for both men and women. It encourages them to exist and to be themselves in a real burst of new generation dynamism!

The successive evolutions of Calvin Klein perfumes

It was while Calvin Klein observed his children that he had the idea of ​​creating an androgynous perfume. Indeed, the mix wanted to be more and more trendy in the heart of the 90s and the mix of genres seemed to be omnipresent. Girls and boys were one and only the scents seemed to differentiate them. This is why Calvin Klein decided to create the first great unisex perfume. Immediately, CK One conquered the hearts of the whole planet to rank as a bestseller in perfumery. It paved the way for many other fragrances of the same genre but still appears today as a pioneer in the field.

A true pillar of Calvin Klein, it was followed by CK Be, in 1996, another fragrance advocating values ​​of sharing and open-mindedness. This one went even further than its elder, inviting to dare everything, even the craziest experiments, even if it means taking risks. If Ck One offered a citrus and aromatic flavor, CK Be, meanwhile, took more the form of a floral and musky fern. The all-new CK All is therefore perfectly in line with its predecessors. Equally fresh and energizing, it follows on from these more than 20 years later and has already been called the new pillar of the Calvin Klein brand.

CK All, a madly citrus fragrance

As always, CK All opens with a real burst of freshness composed of citrus fruits. In addition, just like CK Be, its top notes are dominated by the presence of mandarin, an ingredient that is both juicy and sparkling. Then, her heart turns to more floral intensity. Although it contains citrus blossom as a link with its start, it also contains paradisone, a molecule close to hedione but with a more sustained and easily identifiable jasmine flavor. Finally, CK All warms up little by little until it reaches a more amber and oriental base.

It thus becomes madly additive, serving as a real magnet between men and women. Once again, CK All will be offered in a bottle with a design similar to that of its predecessors. With a screw cap similar to that of a water bottle, this new perfume will be delivered in a format of 50, 100 or 200 ml. You can only be tempted by its white lacquering wonderfully symbolizing the purity it contains.

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