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Chloé’s Nomade perfume box


Chloé's Nomade perfume box
Chloé‘s Nomade perfume box

Nomade de Chloé, a new box set, like a guarantee of freedom

Chloe’s Nomadic woman made her appearance in 2018 and seems to possess within her an unparalleled sense of freedom. Its elegance is matched only by its intrepid character. The Nomadic woman is particularly inspiring. It seems to be nourished by an infinity of experiences and encounters. “My colors come to me from Egypt” said Gaby Aghion, founder of Chloé. Nomade evokes this vision tinged with escape. The Nomade perfume is delivered this time in a new box. This pretty box captures the spirit of the brand while giving it a new personality. The new Chloé woman is plural, adventurous, and eager for discovery. From then on, he only seems to lack in his travel bag a perfume in his image to accompany it. Thanks to Chloé, it’s now done!

Nomade’s floral spray in Chloé’s box

Nomade is a perfume that was imagined by Quentin Bisch . With him, it’s all about contrasts. It is at the same time strength and gentleness, elegance and recklessness. This is materialized by a floral and chypre composition. Nomade de Chloé has the characteristic sweetness of all the brand’s fragrances associated with a more intense and mineral character. This is provided by oak moss. The plum, more voluptuous, softens the whole. A more floral tone of freesia reinforces the femininity of this essence. Finally, know that Nomade is entirely designed based on natural ingredients.

The Nomade bottle, the centerpiece of this new box

Of course, the vaporizer of the new but already famous Nomade is invited in this box. Besides, it is also drawn on the front of this box. The Nomade bottle is directly inspired by the rounded shape and the softness of the O, eye-letter of Chloé. Here, it is nevertheless decorated with a few more graphic lines, in particular at its golden fret. Its pinkish beige light, for its part, evokes the softness of a feminine skin or that of desert sand. So, with the Nomade bottle, it’s all about travel. Its brightly reflective hood is then wrapped in a pink tie around its neck.

The Nomad box

The silhouette of this vaporizer is drawn in the center of Chloé’s new cardboard box. Its rounded and generous silhouette stands out in a golden color on a taupe background. Thus, there is a perfect harmony between this pretty package and the bottle it contains. The four golden angles of Chloé’s box also give it a very refined allure. But then, what does this box contain in its center? Of course, it conceals a Nomade spray, in its standard 50 ml format. As a gift, the brand also offers us a miniature of this juice, 5 ml. Thus, the Nomade perfume fits easily in any bag. A true travel companion, it will never leave you on the go thanks to this brand new box of the Nomade perfume .

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