Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle


Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle
Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle

Love Story Eau Sensuelle, Chloé’s new romantic treat

“The sun is setting over Paris. The silhouette of the roofs emerges from an amber sky. A light breeze sweeps along the banks of the Seine. The day fades, replaced by the excitement of a flourishing romance. A sweet and playful love story takes place at dusk. He is fascinated. She is seduced. She perfectly embodies Chloe’s femininity. She exudes sensuality. This is the vision of the woman offered by Chloé’s brand niche fragrance called Love Story Eau Sensuelle.

The unique scent of the Chloé woman

Love Story Eau Sensuelle follows two other predecessors from the Love Story collection . Like the latter, this one is inspired by a Parisian romance. Thus, it is sewn with tenderness, gentleness and seduction. It was imagined by a duo of perfumers.

Anne Flipo, creator of the first part of Love Story, is still in the game. She was accompanied here by Domitille Bertier.

Together, they succeeded in transmitting to us an unforgettable moment, like a new assumed facet of the woman, freer and more graceful than ever. The flavor of Love Story Eau Sensuelle then revolves mainly around three ingredients. Heliotrope, spring flower par excellence, reveals a soothing tenderness here. It evokes the image we have of a beautiful colorful garden. It smells of almond, vanilla or butter madeleine at the same time. Its impertinence nevertheless shines through its slightly spicy scents, similar to those of carnation. Then the orange blossom resurfaces. This is the emblematic element of this entire collection. Love Story Eau Sensuelle nevertheless delivers it to us softer and more romantic than in the past. So, Love Story Eau Sensuelle is both candid and sensual. This seducer then ends with the evocative breath of sandalwood. This turns out to be both creamy and particularly velvety.

The new aesthetic of Love Story Eau Sensuelle

Love Story Eau Sensuelle is presented in a bottle which is particularly reminiscent of that of its predecessor. Fans of the house of Chloé will recognize the fluted signature of its glass. This one is pleated and is inspired by the sleeve of a house blouse. Love Story Eau Sensuelle has a slender and geometric silhouette. It is surmounted by a gilded metal padlock on which is affixed a coral ribbon casually tied by hand. This then echoes the new color of Love Story Eau Sensuelle juice. Its coral color makes it particularly carnal. Everything is accentuated by the advertising of this new perfume. Love Story Eau Sensuelle is performed on screen by the charming French actress Clémence Poésy. This was immortalized by the duo Inez & Vinoodh. In addition,

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