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Chanel – Egoïste Eau de Toilette


Chanel - Egoïste Eau de Toilette
Chanel – Egoïste Eau de Toilette

The strong temperament of the Egoist of Chanel

Created in 1990, the Egoïste perfume is one of the toiletries that does not lack personalities. In this case, this essence offers a spicy, woody and vanilla accord. As you will have understood, this is a very daring juice that offers us an intense, passionate and virile masculine scent.

The history of the Egoïste perfume

Égoïste is a fragrance with a very personal and unique style. Also, his story seems to be just as confidential. Indeed, it is a juice that was launched in 1987 under the name Bois Noir. Originally, Chanel intended it only for a clientele of insiders. Then, it was only three years later, in 1990, that the brand decided to expand its marketing. For the occasion, she chose to revisit her name and set out in search of a stronger meaning. Chanel then launched a survey of women and asked them which adjective, according to them, best characterized men. To everyone’s surprise, it was Selfish who came out on top! The name of the perfume was obvious at the time… What is more, it depicts the image of a free and determined man, imbued with great independence. Too,

The intense smell of Chanel

Egoïste is a juice whose scent finds its source in the Bois des Iles perfume, a great classic from the Chanel brand launched in 1926. In this case, it is one of the first oriental juices in perfumery. Chanel then wanted to reconstitute its scent while modernizing it. The head formerly composed of tangerine and rosewood was then replaced by cilantro from the Caucasus and rose from Turkey. Likewise, there is room for spices. In particular, there is a high dose of cinnamon with Seychelles ambrette seeds. Then, Egoïste evolves towards a more sensual and creamy background. This one is especially full of Mysore sandalwood, amber, cedar and patchouli. This fragrance is then particularly masculine and addictive. Finally, it all ends with a vanilla with languid sweetness.

Woody-oriental, a composition that combines an oriental wood theme with notes of flowers, fruits and spices.

Vigorous and fresh fragrance, an original scent with a strong personality.

Men’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Woody – Spicy

Top note: Mandarin, Rosewood, Coriander.

Heart note: Turkish Rose, Carnation, Cinnamon.

Base note: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Ambrette.

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