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Champs Elysées, a fragrance in honor of Guerlain’s address


Champs Elysées, a fragrance in honor of Guerlain's address
Champs Elysées, a fragrance in honor of Guerlain‘s address

The Champs Elysées perfume saw the light of day in 1996, when the Guerlain house wanted to pay tribute to the most beautiful avenue in the world, the one where its most important boutique has been located for more than a century now. Guerlain then imagines a very luminous fragrance combining floral and fruity facets. Its motto: “Life is better when you write it yourself”. The latter makes the Champs Élysées perfume a real ode to freedom whose muse is none other than the sublime Sophie Marceau.

Guerlain, a house that does not hide its ambition

The Guerlain house has always cherished the dreamto settle in the heart of the street known as the most beautiful avenue in the world, namely the Champs-Élysées. The 1904 archives show us in particular that Guerlain hoped to create there an essence that we would call “the perfume of the Champs-Élysées”. Also, this dream will come to life in 1914. Indeed, it is precisely this year that Guerlain set up its shop at n ° 68 of this mythical avenue. The goal was achieved and the house will never move. Even today, it is its most prestigious address and its biggest boutique. In 1996, Guerlain therefore chose to pay tribute to this place particularly dear to his heart and created the Champs Élysées perfume. When it came out, the house chose to have its fragrance embodied by the very beautiful actress Sophie Marceau. Like an anonymous, she walks the cobblestones of this legendary street and decides to take charge of her life. His step is voluntary and decided. She feels at home here and radiates unmatched charm. In the middle of the crowd we can only see her. She then wears a fragrance simply named Champs-Élysées and signed by the house of Guerlain, a real breath of life and the embodiment of unparalleled happiness.

The sweet smell of Champs-Élysées

Jean-Paul Guerlain is himself at the origin of this fragrance and has joined forces with the talented perfumer Olivier Cresp. Both then imagined a dazzling fragrance that makes life want to smile. They decided to combine the femininity of the rose with the tenderness of the mimosa. Then, blackcurrant berries join with almond blossoms and bring a hint of humor and playfulness. Mimosa is always present in the heart of the fragrance and shines like a multitude of suns. This flower then gives Champs-Élysées all its sensuality. Then, the buddleia, an enchanting tree whose branches welcome swarms of butterflies each spring, brings an enchanting and luminous aspect to the whole. Its scent is absolutely intoxicating and sublimates itself with lilac. Finally, its background becomes more velvety. It combines the seed of hibiscus with the gentle warmth of almond wood. The rendering is then particularly carnal.

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