Candy Love by Escada, the ideal fragrance to immerse you in the world of childhood!


Candy Love by Escada, the ideal fragrance to immerse you in the world of childhood!
Candy Love by Escada, the ideal fragrance to immerse you in the world of childhood!

The Escada brand was born out of a love story. It all started in 1976, under the leadership of Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley, founders of the brand. Together, they first developed a fashion made of high quality fabrics and resplendent colors. Then, in 1990, they made their first perfume. Since then, each of their creation has been synonymous with good humor, femininity and joie de vivre. The niche fragrance for women Candy Love for 2021 is therefore no exception to tradition. With playfulness and gluttony, he takes us back to our fondest childhood memories. So, how about accompanying us for an article at the heart of a fun fair?

Candy Love, a gourmet getaway

Candy Love by Escada is clearly riding the sweet fragrance trend. Bearing the sweet name of a candy, it is intended for a woman child, lover of candy apples and looking for a joyful and luminous essence. Candy Love from Escada has no equal when it comes to balm the heart and deliver a good mood. With him, the day begins with the scent of candy, immediately plunging us into the middle of a fun fair. By evoking the most beautiful memories of our youth, it acts like a Proust madeleine, seducing us as much by the harmony of its recipe as by its positivity.
Candy Love is a fragrance to be savored with gluttony. Moreover, this appetizing sensation appears from its top notes. Indeed, it starts with a succulent accord of love apple. Then, still in a dreamlike and poetic register, her adventure continues with a more bewitching breath of Centifolia rose. A true star of women’s perfumery, she brings here a touch of delicacy, while refreshing herself with a green tangerine. Finally, Escada’s Candy Love ends with a smoother base of vanilla whipped cream. The result is a delicious guilty pleasure developed by two renowned perfumers: Amandine Marie and Nicolas Bonneville.

Escada relies on a surprising heart-shaped bottle

If the scent of Candy Love does not go unnoticed, its bottle is also the center of attention. Perfectly matched to the festive and colorful side of this fragrance, it is fully covered in a feminine and playful pink color. It forms a big heart, like a pink and cherry red berlingot. The pink gives it the appearance of a candy, while echoing the flower it contains. The cherry red, meanwhile, makes the whole even more feminine and attractive, while recalling the lacquer present on the love apple. With its heart shape, Candy Love becomes the perfect gift for the loved one. In addition, it also echoes Escada’s very first olfactory creation, from 1990. As a reminder, this initial fragrance was already designed in a glass bottle forming a heart.

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