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Butterfly, the legend of Hanae Mori’s butterfly


Butterfly, the legend of Hanae Mori's butterfly
Butterfly, the legend of Hanae Mori‘s butterfly

Butterfly Eau de Toilette is Hanae Mori’s signature feminine fragrance. It is an essence that could not be more sensual. As you will understand, all the symbolism of this highly voluptuous perfume revolves around the butterfly. Today, we are therefore setting out to discover this nectar from a niche perfumery which is gradually starting to penetrate the hearts of the general public. Also, we are not satisfied with a simple description, you can also get it for less on our site.

Who is Hanae Mori and why the butterfly?

Hanae Mori is a niche perfume brand, distributed in independent perfumeries and at a few franchisees. It takes its name from a young woman born in Shimane, a small provincial town, near Tokyo. Also, the latter was initiated into perfumery and decided to launch her very first fragrance in 1995. It is the famous Butterfly. Yes but then, why this choice of the butterfly? The legend says that a fabulous butterfly with translucent and sparkling wings would have come to rest on the cradle of Madame Hanae Mori at her birth to never leave her again. Also, the latter would have become as faithful as his shadow to the point of transforming himself into a muse for the designer. Through this perfume, Hanae Mori transmits to us all her love for nature. Indeed, it is in the green that she spends most of her childhood. In addition, her name, Hanae Mori, means “flower of the forest”. This authentic appearance and this butterfly will become his trademark and his identity. What is more, she will be the first woman to introduce the Orient to the culture of luxury and Western beauty with the greatest respect for her origins.

Butterfly, a natural and enchanting fragrance

The Butterfly fragrance is therefore a tribute to the childhood days of Hanae Mori, spent in nature. In addition, it would rather be beautiful sunny days to believe the luminosity of this species. It presents a sweet mix of fruits and flowers. What’s more, its essentials are also sun-kissed. In this case, it is wild strawberry, peony and almond wood. In short, a nice panel of the evocation of sunny days. The latter are embellished, in the top notes, with blackcurrant berry and blackberry. It evokes a homemade marmalade and its scent could not be more delicious. The heart, on the other hand, is particularly feminine. You can smell the scent of peony, rose and ylang ylang. Finally, the background is more sustained and deep. It contains in particular cedar wood and rosewood. Its sweetness is delicious and deliciously surprising. The Butterfly bottle is sober and refined. Its lines are slender while it derives its real originality from its rounder cap. The set is chic and elegant. It is in the image of its perfume: particularly feminine.

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