Biotherm Biosource Lotion Normal Skin


Biotherm Biosource Lotion Normal Skin
Biotherm Biosource Lotion Normal Skin

Founded in 1952, the Biotherm brand is known through its research and the use of life plankton in its care formulas. For Biotherm, water represents 100% of our future, and its benefits continue to increase. Whether on a local or global scale, “Biotherm Water Lovers” implements projects that help protect waters around the world by creating what are called “Hope Spots”, or “places of hope ”, marine areas that could restore the blue heart of our planet. On the strength of its innovations, the Biotherm brand presents here “Biosource Cleansing Milk Normal to Combination Skin”.

The benefits of Biotherm Biosource and its Cleansing Milk Normal to Combination Skin.

Biotherm “Biosource Cleansing Milk Normal to Combination Skin” is a refreshing milk that eliminates residual traces of makeup and impurities while toning and leaving your face feeling soft and fresh. Rich in cleansing agent, this delicately scented fresh milk perfectly cleanses your skin while respecting it. Result, your skin is clarified and free of all traces of makeup. Biotherm cleansing milk is suitable for normal and combination skin. It contains pure extracts of thermal plankton, as well as glycerin and seaweed extracts.

Biotherm Biosource Cleansing Milk Normal to Combination Skin, advice for use.

To get the best from your cleansing milk, it is advisable to apply 4 touches on your face (forehead, chin and cheeks). Then emulsify in small circular movements with your fingertips. It is also advisable not to use cotton considered to be too irritating. Then wipe off the excess with a tissue. Pass a cotton ball soaked in Biotherm Clarifying Lotion, or simply rinse your face with water.

Biotherm ” Biosource Cleansing Milk Normal to Combination Skin ” is a particularly gentle cleansing milk. Thanks to Biotherm technology, it cleanses your skin thoroughly and gently. Your face shines with beauty, day after day.

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