Bella, the new perfume from Nina Ricci


Bella, the new perfume from Nina Ricci

Bella by Nina Ricci, the new heroine of Les Belles de Nina

Nina Ricci has the art of transporting us to a magical and almost dreamlike universe. Its fragrances are a call to escape and are all loaded with romanticism. Among the most famous olfactory references of the brand, Nina is a favorite. Created in 2016, this fragrance gave birth to the Belles de Nina collection. Today, Nina Ricci has decided to expand it and invite a new scented composition . Bella thus delivers herself in a new bottle in the shape of a green apple and is already presented as the sexiest essence of this fragrant blend.

Who are the three Belles de Nina?

The Belles de Nina collection now brings together three fragrances, each of which embodies the portrait of a different woman. The very first, Nina, appeared in 2006. Luna, meanwhile, premiered much later, in 2016. Today, Bella is joining the game. But who are these three emblematic figures of the Nina Ricci brand really?

Nina the tenderness

Nina is thought of as a romantic and still carefree young woman. She is the very embodiment of the innocence of young girls. Very soft and indulgent, this perfume gives off a sparkling and sensual luminosity. It is a call to dreams and tenderness.

Luna the instinctive

The three Les Belles de Nina fragrances
The three Les Belles de Nina fragrances

Luna, for her part, is slightly more rebellious. It’s a bit as if the heroine of Nina Ricci had grown up to emancipate herself more and more. Its exquisite curves contain gourmet accents. Luna is a scent that gives the chills and which is addressed to all the explorers of the life, who are neither cold in the eyes nor afraid of defying the prohibitions.

Bella the sexy

Always pushing this register a little further, Bella is undoubtedly the most fiery and indomitable essence of this trio. Sexy, daring and rebellious, it preserves all the poetry of its predecessors while embellishing it with a new, much more impertinent daring.

Bella, a breath of rhubarb presented in a green apple

As always, Bella comes in the iconic apple-shaped bottle by Nina Ricci. If Nina was pink and Luna was blue, Bella bet on the color of hope: green. Its apple has a transparent base, releasing a vegetal glow for the occasion. The whole is surmounted by a cap in the form of golden foliage. A black marble overhangs the whole while a ladybug is invited on one of its leaves. This bottle is absolutely splendid and comes in sizes of 30, 50 and 80 ml. Therefore, we can’t wait to unpin it to discover its scent …

This perfume is available for sale on Fragrenza Perfumes:

Bella is a feminine and romantic scent, tangy and vibrant. It begins with the intense freshness of mandarin associated with rhubarb. This star ingredient of this perfume is associated with a huge bouquet of flowers. Bella revolves around the femininity of rose and freesia. Finally, this tangy part is enveloped in a more syrupy and exotic vanilla, and ends with the airy trail of white musk.

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