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Azzaro perfume Wanted


Azzaro perfume Wanted
Azzaro perfume Wanted

The secrets of the success of Azzaro’s Wanted perfume

The special shape of the new Azzaro Eau de Toilette does not go unnoticed. Its look is strongly reminiscent of a pistol barrel. He thus suggests that he is a real weapon of seduction. But then, what are its olfactory secrets to display such sensuality?

Our opinion on Azzaro Wanted gasoline

Also, the bar is high for the all new Azzaro Wanted. Indeed, it follows on from renowned predecessors and rising to their level is not easy. Nevertheless, in our humble opinion , it would seem that Azzaro Wanted does indeed have all the assets to achieve this. To be continued from next summer …

Azzaro values ​​rediscovered with the Wanted perfume

The Wanted Eau de Toilette does indeed seem to be conceived in a manner as noble as its predecessors. This is faithful to the Azzaro values . It was thus produced with unique know-how both in terms of bottling and in terms of smell.

The price of Azzaro Wanted

Azzaro seems to have bet big with his brand new scent. Indeed, we can no longer count the number of assets contained within the Eau de Toilette Wanted. It displays an absolutely captivating smell as well as a neat design. What’s more, everything is offered to you for a particularly affordable price on our site.

The Wanted ad imagined by Azzaro for its fragrance

Undoubtedly, Eau de Toilette Wanted has many assets in its possession to melt men’s hearts. Its scent is absolutely bewitching and its look displays a contemporary classicism charged with virility. Also, it is to the model Nikolai Danielsen that the house called in order to embody this man in its advertising .

The unclassifiable smell of Wanted success

Perfumery is an art in its own right which requires particularly keen senses. However, perfumers are not just artists. They are also outstanding chemists who manage to create ever more sophisticated and refined compositions . In this case, Wanted is here thought of as a real piece of scented goldsmith’s work.

The new men’s bestseller Wanted

In 1978, Azzaro launched one of his greatest olfactory successes: Azzaro for men. Since that day, men seem to swear only by its sensual and seductive scent. It must be said that this perfume does not shy away from its generosity and that it is quite simply impossible to resist its sensual side. Also, continuing this momentum, Azzaro has just released a brand new Eau de Toilette called Wanted .

. In the continuity of its predecessor, it is intended for men who like to take up challenges, seize their chance and face their destiny.

The fresh and woody scent imagined by Azzaro

From the outset, Wanted clearly shows its membership in the Azzaro family of perfumes. Indeed, it contains lemon, an ingredient typical of Italy, a country particularly dear to the heart of Loris Azzaro, creator of the brand. This citrus fruit from the Far East gives Wanted a particularly invigorating and uplifting scent. What is more, it is also recognized for its invigorating and stimulating properties, making Wanted an exceptional daily fragrance. In addition, this effect is further accentuated by the presence of ginger, a herbaceous plant with a scent that is both spicy and citrus.

Then, the Wanted Eau de Toilette evolves towards a more camphorated heart. Cardamom, an ingredient very similar to ginger, makes the whole more warm while maintaining its dynamism. It is then associated with pyrogenic cade wood. This introduces Wanted’s powerful manhood. This is then accentuated at its bottom. Azzaro has incorporated vetiver, a typical ingredient in men’s perfumery. This releases a woody, vibrant and smoky scent. Some even feel slight hints of hazelnut, further reinforced by the amended appearance of the tonka bean. Everything then marvelously combines sensuality and vitality for a most captivating rendering. What is more, as if that were not enough, we should also note that Azzaro used raw materials from sustainable development sectors.

The sophisticated design of the new Wanted Eau de Toilette

Likewise, Azzaro has also particularly worked on the aesthetics of its new Eau de Toilette. Wanted is contained in a sophisticated bottle with a unique design. This takes the form of a precious barrel. In this sense, he clearly displays his domineering side. It remains nonetheless neat and delicate. Moreover, this one is thought out in contrasts. Gold metal is associated with more silvery hues. The opacity of its stopper is juxtaposed with the transparency of its glass.

Enfin, des parties lisses sont assemblées avec des surfaces plus ciselées. Le tout affiche pourtant une parfaite harmonie dans laquelle le bouchon s’affiche comme étant une pièce maîtresse. Celui-ci s’orne alors de six rondelles dorées pensées à l’image de balles d’armes à feu. Cette forme se répète alors en son sommet, s’agrémentant pour l’occasion d’une gravure au nom d’Azzaro. Le tout est de toute beauté et surmonte alors une base à la couleur ambrée de son jus, apparaissant comme une sorte d’or fondu. Incontestablement, l’Eau de Toilette Wanted est pensé pour être le nouvel objet de convoitises des hommes du monde entier !

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