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Azzaro Perfume For Her Extreme


Azzaro Perfume For Her Extreme
Azzaro Perfume For Her Extreme

When we speak of the Azzaro house, we inevitably think of its masculine fragrance Azzaro pour Homme. Indeed, it is the bestseller of the brand. However, originally, when Loris Azzaro founded his house of creation, it was exclusively intended for the fairer sex. Moreover, he says himself that if we had listened to him, no male perfume would have emerged under his name. Also, in 2015, Azzaro decided to reconnect with his origins by launching Azzaro Pour Elle . In this continuity, a new juice will soon see the light of day. It will be the brand new Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême.

The feminine scent of Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême was created by talented perfumers, namely Nathalie Lorson and Fabrice Pellegrin. Moreover, they are also the ones who signed the creation of the first version of Azzaro Pour Elle. This olfactory variation is strongly inspired by its predecessor. However, new ingredients are appearing there. Thus, Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême opens with a particularly fresh scent of cardamom.

However, it is nuanced by an addition of saffron which immediately asserts the character of the Azzaro woman while releasing a touch of warmth. In addition, the rose makes its appearance and thus brings a good dose of femininity and romance. This one is even played slightly in overdose and combines the May rose and the Damask rose. The elegance of this plant is then accentuated by the lightness of the lily and the velvety softness of the peach. Finally, Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême ends with a woody and sensual scent. This one draws its source from cashmere wood and incense. Likewise, oud wood, a fairly rare ingredient in perfumery, brings an element of mystery. Its warm and resinous scent only makes its perfume more captivating.

The sensuality of the Azzaro woman

Azzaro For Women Extreme
Azzaro For Women Extreme

Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême is a particularly sensual fragrance . However, his predecessor already did not hide his share of seduction frankly. Indeed, he was embodied by the very beautiful Ana Beatriz Barros. The Brazilian model was then staged in a dazzling and ultra sensual way, not hesitating to overthrow everything in its path until reaching the arms of the coveted being. Today more than ever, Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême is intended for “a woman who dares …”.

Indeed, as Loris Azzaro said: “A perfume must always exalt your power of seduction. When you wear it, it is important that your partner wants to feel you, to touch you, to be near you… ”. This is precisely what it is about with the new Azzaro Pour Elle Extrême. It embodies temptation in all its splendor, even in its bottle which is adorned with a necklace of golden stones at its neck. Its appearance is absolutely tempting. It plunges us into a world of lust and opulence that is impossible to resist.

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