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Armani – Sun di Gioia


Armani - Sun di Gioia
Armani – Sun di Gioia

Spring has barely begun to emerge when particularly addicting juices are appearing. Indeed, the big brands compete in ingenuity to offer us smells evocative of vacations, hot sand and golden skin in the sun.

These scents are almost oily and resonate as being an almost direct inheritance of the famous Ambre Solaire. Also, this is precisely what it is about with the brand new perfume by Giorgio Armani. Indeed, Sun Di Gioia is described as being a summer juice giving rise to the taste of the holidays before the hour.

Armani’s solar fragrance

Like every fragrance in the Acqua Di Gioia range , this new opus is particularly close to nature. Nevertheless, it aims to exaggerate the sexy side of the tan of the skin. It offers a particularly bewitching scent that would almost have a narcotic effect and having the power to turn your head.

In this sense, the new Sun Di Gioia is ideal for women who can no longer wait for the holidays or for those who are nostalgic for the last ones and who already want to leave. It is presented as being a true concentrate of happiness which gives a smile whatever the weather. With him, the woman wants to be more radiant than ever. It conveys a particularly jovial and perky trail.

After all, what is more beautiful than a woman beaming with happiness? The Acqua Di Gioia range thus seems to play with all the elements of nature. In addition, if the first fragrance of 2010 was a tribute to water, Air Di Gioia is a nod to the lightness of the air while Sun Di Gioia is as warm as the sun. It is particularly addicting and could thus become the perfect companion for your next vacation.

Sun Di Gioia, a sunny and prestigious fragrance

Also, when we think of summer perfumes, we most often imagine a strong impulse of frivolity. However, do not think that this takes away the refinement of the Armani brand. Indeed, Sun Di Gioia is described as being a particularly prestigious juice. It opens with the scent of a sacred flower in India, the frangipani. In fact, in this country, offerings are even made to heaven in order to ensure strong harvests. It is a plant synonymous with purity of the soul and delivering a floral and powerful scent. This is embellished with light scents of vanilla and amended. This is a product that immediately plunges us into a very exotic universe. Then, the scent of Sun Di Gioia continues on a note of iris.

Again, this is one of the most expensive ingredients in all perfumery. Its cost is particularly linked to its very low yield. Indeed, more than a ton of irises are needed to produce two kilos of essential oils. This complex and delicate plant enriches the whole with powdery and woody scents. Ambroxan, for its part, enhances the tenacity of the whole and gives the trail of this perfume a velvety and sensual aspect. Finally, vanilla underlines this juice with an exotic touch and only accentuates the spell of this highly sunny scent.


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