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Aqua Celestia by Francis Kurkdjian


Aqua Celestia by Francis Kurkdjian
Aqua Celestia by Francis Kurkdjian

Aqua Celestia, the new fresh sensuality of Francis Kurkdjian

This year again, a large number of perfumes were launched around the world on the perfume market. Nevertheless, the styles and strategies of this field are particularly diverse and varied. While some juices turn out to be more commercial, others, on the other hand, belong to so-called confidential brands. This is the case of the Francis Kurkdjian house. Indeed, it belongs to this renowned perfumer and allows him to let all his creativity express itself while only following his instinct as a constraint. In this context, Francis Kurkdjian has just announced the launch of his niche fragrance. Aqua Celestia will thus see the light of day at the beginning of 2017.

Who is Francis Kurkdjian?

Francis Kurkdjian has always been passionate about art in general. In fact, he was initiated very early on to the piano as well as to classical dance. These two teachings enabled him to acquire extreme rigor. Then, at the age of 15, he oriented himself in a scientific school course with a view to becoming a perfumer. Francis Kurkdjian comes from the prestigious International School of Perfumery ISIPCA. He had the chance to collaborate with the biggest brands and saw his career immediately propelled after graduation thanks to the creation of the emblematic perfume Le Mâle by Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Famous for his extraordinary personality and his respect for tradition combined with a deep daring, it is solo that Francis Kurkdjian has decided to sail today. To do this, he created his own perfume house in 2009. For him, this embodies the possibility of expressing his talent freely. Its scents are at the same time sensual, generous and very diversified. Francis Kurkdjian describes his olfactory collection as an “olfactory wardrobe, each facet of which accompanies a part of ourselves”. Thus, Aqua Celestia is like all its other fragrances. It is a juice made of purity, sophistication, timelessness, classicism and daring.

The universal clarity of Aqua Celestia

Aqua Celestia is a unisex juice designed to unite men and women around the same story. It is the third part of the Aqua collection by Francis Kurkdjian. This assortment of essences is famous for its freshness and lightness. Thus, Aqua Celestia portrays to us a sort of invisible link between skin and clothing. It is a smiling and luminous juice that becomes embedded in everyday life like a delicious breath. It calls for a kiss on the neck and follows on from Aqua Universalis from 2009 and Aqua Vitae from 2013. As Francis Kurkdjian likes to preserve a share of mystery, he has not revealed his entire recipe. Nevertheless, we already know that Aqua Celestia will be an extremely fresh scent containing lemon and mint. The whole will also be completed by the fruity impertinence of blackcurrant as well as the solar and spring accents of mimosa. Finally, the ultimate way to unite men and women, Aqua Celestia will let a musk-based trail blow behind it for a result that could not be more sensual.

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