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Angel, the eternal star of Thierry Mugler


Angel, the eternal star of Thierry Mugler
Angel, the eternal star of Thierry Mugler

Angel perfume is a must-have in perfumery. Since its launch in 1992, it has been one of the bestsellers in women’s perfumery.

A celestial symbol for Thierry Mugler

Since his earliest childhood, Thierry Mugler has devoted an absolute fascination to the stars . Indeed, this creator has always had his head rather in the sky than his feet on the ground. What is more, this star symbolizes for him the infinite and the extent of possibilities. This is why he very quickly made this shape the emblem of his brand. Angel therefore plunges us into a magical world, bordering on reality. With him, Thierry Mugler wanted to do “something close to tenderness, to childhood. »Angel is the scent of absolute femininity. What’s more, it embodies the genius and unbridled imagination of its creator. This fragrance is a concentrate of audacity and is unlike any other. Moreover, when Thierry Muglerelaborated his initial brief, which earned him the refusal of many perfumers to elaborate his essence. Indeed, when it was released in 1992, Angel was the very first female juice to display a gourmet scent. It was he who paved the way for this olfactory family which is very widespread today. Angel is now considered to be a true legend, the perfume of tender regression, of innocent seduction, intended for a woman who is half angel, half demon.

Angel’s magical gluttony

It was finally the perfumer Olivier Cresp who agreed to create this oriental and gourmet fragrance. Angel is an olfactory revolution that begins with a refreshing and fruity scent. Citrus fruits such as bergamot or mandarin bring it dynamism. Likewise, her addiction is already coming to the fore thanks to a sublime combination of passion fruit, peaches and apricots. Then, an explosion of gluttony makes its appearance. The heart of Angel contains in particular an accord of praline, caramel and chocolate… A pure delight! Angel would almost evoke the scent of cotton candy or that of a candy apple. Thierry Mugler seems to want to plunge us into our childhood memories. However, Angel is nonetheless sassy. Its scent takes on a sweet and oriental patchouli. The whole is further enhanced by a warm vanilla-based trail. What’s more, Angel would be nothing without his sublime bottle. This is a real technical feat. It takes the form of a glass star tinted with celestial blue. This color is a first in the women’s perfume department. The whole is further enhanced by a star-studded metal cover. Angel thus remains absolutely contemporary and poetic.

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