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Angel, the daring star of Mugler


Angel, the daring star of Mugler
Angel, the daring star of Mugler

Thierry Mugler founded his couture house of the same name in 1974. In 1978, he opened his first boutique, Place des Victoires, where he offered his first male models. Thierry Mugler’s style is innovative in both shapes and materials, and he readily uses latex, metal or even PVC in his collections. For this he will be qualified as a shock creator. In 1990, the brand founded “Thierry Mugler Parfums”, with the help of Clarins. It was two years later that Thierry Mugler then presented his first fragrance “Angel” , half-angel, half-demon. A new version was launched last year with: Angel Muse .

Angel, the birth of a star

“Angel” is the first gourmet juice in the history of perfumery. It was he who paved the way for the many gourmet fragrances that we know today. The olfactory category of gourmet perfumes is currently the most sold. At the beginning, it was indeed, not decided in advance. No perfumer wanted to validate Thierry Mugler’s project, except Olivier Cresp. Not shrinking from any creativity, Olivier Cresp thus accepted the challenge. About the realization of “Angel”, Thierry Mugler affirms“I always wanted a perfume that could have a common resonance to everyone, something close to the tenderness of childhood. I wanted to have a sensual contact with Angel, that we almost want to eat the person we love ”. When it comes out, “Angel” has the effect of an olfactory bomb. Unexpected fragrance, “Angel” is considered to be half-angel, half-demon, bewitching and liberated. “Angel” is for everyone a real means of escape, a way to dive back into our childhood, with the help of sweet smells that it brings back to the surface. Thierry Mugler’s star amazes us with happiness thanks to its incandescent firmament.

Angel’s gourmet notes

“Angel” begins with the fresh notes of bergamot and the fruity notes of mandarin. The heart offers the gourmet and addictive notes of “Angel”, because it is composed of an alliance of passion fruits, peaches and apricots. Then, the explosion of gluttony makes its entrance with an accord of praline, caramel and chocolate! The patchouli and vanilla notes give the whole a sweet sensuality. Thierry Mugler bet on a star-shaped bottle, which takes us into an imaginary world, full of promise. The star literally dazzles us, not only with its 3D effect, but also with its impression of having been carved out of a block of ice. The play of light that this star offers us is absolutely magical.

Thierry Mugler’s first perfume “Angel” is also the first gourmet perfume. True tsunami in the world of perfumes, “Angel” is confusing in sensations. At the same time, greedy, fresh and sensual, “Angel” amazes, overwhelms and amazes… A star which does not stop rising.

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