Angel Iced Star, the new sensual thrill of Thierry Mugler


Angel Iced Star, the new sensual thrill of Thierry Mugler
Angel Iced Star, the new sensual thrill of Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is an atypical designer , who has never hesitated to revolutionize fashion and perfumery. Its niche: going where you don’t expect it and where no one has yet dared to venture! This is how his first feminine perfume, Angel, was imagined in 1992. Before him, no other perfume had ever possessed a gourmet scent. However, today, women love sweet fragrances! A true pioneer, Angel paved the way for a new olfactory trend. Thus, he is considered one of the greatest icons of female perfumery. As such, it frequently gives birth to new limited editions of its scent. This is how Angel Iced Star recently appeared, on your shelves since April 5, 2021.

Angel, a star turned cult

Since 1992, the Angel perfume plunges us into a magical and dreamlike world. Indeed, since he was a child, Thierry Mugler considers himself a sweet dreamer. He likes to have his feet on the ground and his head in the stars. It is therefore quite natural that he made this star the emblem of his brand. To enhance his exuberant and very feminine fashion, he made a gourmet perfume, like a star among the stars, deploying a scent similar to that found in fairgrounds. Angel is an evocation of childhood, a regressive fragrance as tender as it is seductive. Angel Iced Star follows exactly the same path, while giving herself a new icy thrill.

Angel Iced Star, a unique sensory experience

Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler is a fragrance that does not go unnoticed. Indeed, it is based on a powerful contrast, between heat and icy chill. Evocation of a new sensuality, it is similar to a vibration running through the entire body, while the sensuality reaches its peaks. With him, access a new imaginary world. Visit a place like you have never seen before, and experience a pure sensation of intense pleasure!

The voluptuous and exotic scent of Angel Iced Star

Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler revolves around two main olfactory accords. On the one hand, it puts on a paradisiacal aspect, by mixing the freshness of coconut water with the juicy and fruity addiction of pineapple. This tangy start is as gourmet as it is sparkling. It was then that the iconic praline from the Angel collection made its debut. Associated with the depth of patchouli, it affirms a new sensuality. Angel Iced Star is an exquisite fragrance intended for a confident woman.

The return of the famous star by Thierry Mugler

Like all the perfumes in the Angel collection, Angel Iced Star by Thierry Mugler is presented in a star-shaped glass case. This one simply puts on a new multicolored dress. Through its multiple colors, this bottle evokes this hot-cold duality. The blue and green tones are reminiscent of the sparkling polar caps. Pink, on the other hand, reinforces its warmth while giving it a more pop and playful look.

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