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Almond & Tonka, the last cologne from Berdoues’ prestigious 1902 collection


Almond & Tonka, the last cologne from Berdoues' prestigious 1902 collection
Almond & Tonka, the last cologne from Berdoues’ prestigious 1902 collection

Almond & Tonka, a new Eau de Cologne of modern times, in the prestigious 1902 collection of Berdoues

It all started in 1902, when Guillaume Berdoues, then barber hairdresser, decided to create an amber Eau de Cologne, to perfect the shaving ritual of his clients. This is how one of the largest French perfumeries was launched, more than a century ago! Since then, four generations of perfumers have succeeded at its head, constantly combining innovation, creativity and passion. To pay tribute to the beginning of this great story, La Maison Berdoues has decided to create a collection of perfumes called 1902. Today, this fragrant blend welcomes a newcomer: Almond & Tonka.

Almond & Tonka, a tribute to Eau de Cologne

You will understand that if Berdoues is one of the greatest references in our French heritage, it is above all thanks to the creation of an Eau de Cologne. It must be said that this type of perfume was particularly in vogue at the beginning of the last century … Many men and women used it. Thus, their emblematic freshness is still part of the collective unconscious today. The Eaux de Cologne are the beginnings of our modern perfumery, and this is precisely why Berdoues has decided to pay homage to them. Like all the perfumes in the 1902 collection, Amande & Tonka is a variation. The iconic freshness of Eaux de Cologne is very present. Berdoues simply added more roundness and tenacity.

The warm freshness of the Almond & Tonka fragrance from Berdoues

Almond & Tonka de Berdoues is based on both a simple but original recipe. Here, it is indeed the almond and powdery note that surprises the smell, playing on contrasts to arouse curiosity. It all starts with an accord of fresh grass, violet leaf and pear. Then, this juicy and refreshing breath is relayed by a more round and floral heart, highlighting the feminine generosity. The almond is wrapped in mimosa and hawthorn. Tonka bean further reinforces this carnal and lightly roasted spirit at its base, while pairing with seductive musk and almost milky sandalwood.

The timeless bottle of Berdoues

Like all the perfumes in the 1902 collection, Amande & Tonka is presented to us in a cylindrical bottle, to which it seems almost impossible to give an age. Its transparent glass base reveals a yellow color, surrounded by a more sustained ribbon at its waist. A white, embossed label bears his name in a more classic spirit. Conversely, a chrome cap brings modernity to its top. Almond & Tonka is revealed in a 100 ml spray bottle, contained in a cardboard box, as if penciled in by hand.

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