Almond Tonka, 10th creation of the Elie Saab collection


Almond Tonka, 10th creation of the Elie Saab collection
Almond Tonka, 10th creation of the Elie Saab collection

Since the age of 18, Elie Saab has been enhancing the natural beauty of women with his Haute Couture creations. The refinement of the latter is such that they seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. If the elegance of Elie Saab has largely contributed to the reputation of this brand, its essences have been just as famous for a few years. Indeed, in 2014, Elie Saab launched a scented collection bringing together the most noble materials of perfumery. Today, a newcomer has just entered this assortment. Focus on the new Almond Tonka, Elie Saab’s 10th essence.

The refinement of Elie Saab perfumes

Elie Saab is a designer who enjoys sublimating womenin all its diversity. His muse can be urban as well as wild, romantic as well as passionate. After having sublimated their body with numerous fashion creations, Elie Saab expressed the need to sublimate women with noble fragrances. Respecting the nobility of his fashion style, he transformed his Haute Couture into Haute Parfumerie. This is how Elie Saab developed the Collection of Essences. Bringing together rare and precious materials from perfumery, its perfumes are all presented in structured and very refined bottles. These are also matched with a matte black cardboard box, the emblematic color of Elie Saab. Since 2014, noble raw materials have never stopped succeeding in this Collection of Essences. This assortment of essences showcases ingredients such as rose, gardenia, amber, oud wood, vetiver, neroli, sandalwood or tuberose. This time, it’s the turn of the almond and the tonka bean to make our imaginations wander.

Almond Tonka, Elie Saab’s new sweetness

Almond Tonka is a noble and refined fragrance, transcending the unique know-how of Elie Saab and giving thanks to exceptional craftsmanship. This niche fragrance is a timeless one to which it seems impossible to give an age. All in subtlety, this perfume magnifies three remarkable raw materials. As its name suggests, it highlights the subtle sweetness, both powdery and fruity, of the almond. However, note that this ingredient cannot be extracted in perfumery. In other words, the smell of the almond is totally reconstituted in a synthetic way. This is replaced by an assembly of coumarin, heliotropin and benzyl alcohol. These ingredients are then coupled with tonka bean, a seed extracted from a South American tree, also powdered and somewhat amended. You will understand, these two ingredients harmonize perfectly. They are then associated with sandalwood, an element very appreciated by Elie Saab, brilliantly associating strength and roundness, luminosity and sensuality. Everything is then revealed in a thick glass bottle. Similar to all the bottles in the Collection des Essences, this one adopts a very refined look, this time giving us a purple color, mysterious and elegant.

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