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Allure Homme Blanche edition, the purity of Chanel


Allure Homme Blanche edition, the purity of Chanel
Allure Homme Blanche edition, the purity of Chanel

Allure Homme Edition Blanche follows on from Chanel’s famous Allure Homme Sport . If Allure Homme Sport represented a spicy facet, Allure Homme Edition Blanche represents freshness. Of course, it is easily identifiable and, even if its bottle generally adopts the same design, the white color is clearly highlighted. After all, it is the iconic shade of the house of Chanel. This fragrance is generally cheaper on our site. It was created by perfumer Jacques Polge and is resolutely elegant, luxurious and avant-garde.

White, the flagship color at Chanel

Allure Homme is a fragrance that has been declined several times within the house of Chanel. Also, in 2008, the white edition made its appearance. Yes but then, why this color? Well, quite simply because white is an emblematic color for Chanel. On the one hand, it symbolizes infinity and purity. Indeed, it is not innocent if the bride traditionally wears a white dress. There is a beautiful and well symbolic hiding there. Likewise, this shade can just as easily express a great simplicity as an authentic luxury. She embodies a powerful spirit. Also, in creating this perfume, it is a bit as if Chanel took a blank sheet of paper and displayed all of her inspiration and creativity on it. Allure Homme White Edition is a revisit worthy of a very creative spirit. This essence is to be worn in all circumstances, both for going to the office and for outings with friends. In addition, it particularly targets thirties looking for elaborate and fine scents, worthy of all the know-how of Chanel!

Allure Homme White Edition and its contrasting shades

Allure Homme White Edition is a fragrance made of nuances . Also, it plays on the contrasts between freshness and a warmer oriental accord. From the start, the citrus tones of Sicilian lemon combine with Calabrian bergamot. The two scents echo each other and the dynamism that emerges is dazzling. Then, the intensity does not weaken. Pink and black peppers are underlined by ginger. Then, everything turns towards more woody scents. We find in particular the milky sandalwood, accompanied by the acute heat of cedar and the refinement of vetiver. The wake, meanwhile, remains just as oriental but is tinged with extreme softness. There even in addition vanilla and white musks.

This perfume for men turns out to be a very elegant and sophisticated cologne. What’s more, her outfit is exemplary and the price is cheaper on our site. The design of its bottle is just as neat. Moreover, the contrast present in its essence is also emphasized here. The combination of polar white and solar bronze is amazing. Likewise, the matt white of the stopper responds to the lacquered glass of the bottle. Its lines are pure and structured. It embodies absolutely all the chic we know at Chanel.

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