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All the exoticism of Boucheron in the new Vanilla de Zanzibar


All the exoticism of Boucheron in the new Vanilla de Zanzibar
All the exoticism of Boucheron in the new Vanilla de Zanzibar

When Frédéric Boucheron founded his house of creation, he wanted “to create a dynasty: a dynasty of creators, but also one that he shares with his clients around the same admiration for the exceptional object”. Thus, he did not hesitate to travel the globe in search of the most beautiful precious stones to make his jewelry. He brought back exceptional adornments but also many olfactory memories. However, as if to pay tribute to the splendor of its many places crossed, Boucheron has set up a collection of perfumes whose flavors are extracted from the four corners of the planet. This is how Vanille de Zanzibar was born.

The exoticism of Zanzibar in a Boucheron fragrance

By agreeing to let yourself be captivated by this Boucheron scent, it’s a bit like packing your suitcase to go to the other side of the globe, on the other side of the Equator. Zanzibar is an archipelago located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, unfolding its beauty just in front of the Tanzanian coast. Made up of three small islands, this place enjoys a very sunny climate. Nature is luxuriant there and the landscapes are worthy of the most beautiful postcards. Therefore, no smell seems to characterize this kind of place better than that of vanilla. Vanilla de Zanzibar is a fragrance that smells of the sun and that simply makes you want to put on your swimsuit to immerse yourself in the bluish lagoons of this heavenly place.

The bewitching scents of Zanzibar Vanilla

Zanzibar Vanilla is a particularly addicting scent. It is as unsettling as it is fascinating and unleashes all the richness of bourbon vanilla. True gold from the islands, vanilla releases its amber and syrupy character by combining with the natural power of Peruvian balsam. This heart is also softened by the more floral and creamy aspect of heliotrope. This sunny character is also brightened by a very citrus and floral start of tangerine and jasmine. The pear, for its part, gently reveals the juicy luminosity of this essence. Finally, Zanzibar Vanilla ends with a trail overflowing with white musk. The whole is both exotic and carnal, gaining smoothness and charisma thanks to a duo of sandalwood and patchouli.

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