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A new Guerlain Shalimar: Breath of Light


A new Guerlain Shalimar: Breath of Light
A new Guerlain Shalimar: Breath of Light

Shalimar Souffle de Lumière, all the radiance of feelings bottled by Guerlain

Shalimar is a name that has resonated since the 1920s as that of a true legend. It is a perfume born during a sumptuous period, very inspired by the Art Deco style, and inscribed in history forever. Sewn from the most precious raw materials, Shalimar tells us an Indian love story. It has survived the decades without ever going out of fashion and today constitutes one of the greatest olfactory classics of our time. To keep its legend alive, Guerlain regularly transforms it into new flavors. After the great success of Shalimar Souffle de Parfum in 2014 and Shalimar Souffle Intense in 2017. Today, Shalimar is gaining in radiance and shining with new love. Focus on Shalimar Breath of Light.

Shalimar Souffle de Lumière, a fragrance inspired by an Indian legend

Shalimar Souffle de Lumière is a juice inspired by one of the most beautiful Indian stories. This fragrance originates in the 17th century, when India was ruled by Emperor Shah Jahan. Like all rulers of that time, he owned several wives. However, his heart was only really beating for one of them: Mumtaz Mahal. Together, they let their feelings speak in the gardens of Shalimar. When Mumtaz Mahal died, Shah Jahan was overcome with grief and decided to pay homage to him by making a unique mausoleum in these lush gardens: the Taj Mahal. This imposing building alone symbolizes all the strength of feelings. Today, this is what Shalimar Breath of Light is inspired by , letting the radiance and the infinite radiance of love speak.

Jasmine as the star of Guerlain’s composition

To finalize the Shalimar Souffle de Lumière recipe, Thierry Wasser, official perfumer of Guerlain, did not hesitate to travel the world in search of the purest varieties of jasmine. Indeed, this emblematic flower of women’s perfumery constitutes the center of this niche fragrance. Its floral and enveloping breath is here married to the exotic warmth of ylang-ylang. Shalimar Souffle de Lumière is refreshed by the incisive and vibrant presence of bergamot. Finally, its trail ends with a delicious and sunny touch of Madagascan vanilla. The result is a very contrasting juice, at the same time bursting with luminosity, comforting and madly seductive.

Shalimar Breath of Light and its bottle dressed in white

On the bottle side, Shalimar Souffle de Lumière is again an example of refinement and elegance. Its bottle has remained unchanged since its release in 1925. Designed by Raymond Guerlain, in collaboration with Baccarat, the Shalimar bottle won first prize at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris at the time. Its design has remained timeless and now gives us a part of Guerlain’s history. The set represents a chiseled pedestal basin. The midnight blue cap of Shalimar Souffle de Lumière recalls the color of the water gushing from the fountains of Shalimar gardens. White, on the other hand, is a symbol of purity evoking the immaculate hue of the Taj Mahal.

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