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A new Annayake Perfecting Serum


A new Annayake Perfecting Serum
A new Annayake Perfecting Serum

Reveal the radiance of your beauty with the Annayaké Ultratime Perfecting Anti-Wrinkle Serum

Annayaké is a luxury brand that has become synonymous with excellence over time. Indeed, it benefits from an extraordinary expertise put at the service of your beauty. Thus, Annayaké helps you to preserve the youthfulness of your skin and to do this is developing ever more innovative products. This is how the Ultratime Perfecting Anti-Wrinkle Serum was born. Formulated with Katrizen, it acts in depth on your wrinkles and gradually erases them to make your skin smoother, more unified and more radiant.

Annayaké’s expertise in anti-aging treatment

Annayaké is a brand that was born from the hands of Mr. Suzuki more than 80 years ago. His ambition was to create a treatment for his wife. Intended for confidential use, this product did not take long to make itself known to the point of being known all over the planet. Nowadays, the Annayaké brand has developed an extraordinary reputation. It always works in the respect of Japanese tradition and strives to cultivate the best ingredients of the land and integrate all their benefits into its products.

Annayaké has its own research laboratories and continues to develop innovations there. Thus, each of its treatments is the result of several years of testing. Annayaké appears to be the perfect combination of Japanese tradition and oriental medicine associated with current technical advances. Never before has avant-gardism appeared so authentic!

The benefits of Ultratime Perfecting Anti-Wrinkle Serum

If Annayaké made the Perfecting Anti-Wrinkle Ultratime Serum, it is quite simply because the appearance of wrinkles affects everyone and this is a natural and inevitable phenomenon. Wrinkles are present all over our body. Nevertheless, the latter are even more accentuated on our face. Indeed, this is the most stressed area of ​​our body.

This is directly impacted by stress, our lifestyle, our environment and the many movements of our face. While it is essential to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, Annayaké is going further this time by offering to “repair” them. The idea is to gradually erase them until the skin becomes smoother. To do this, the Ultratime Perfecting Anti-Wrinkle Serum has been specially formulated with Katrizen, a natural active ingredient that acts in depth on wrinkles. This has the same properties as a healing agent.

In this sense, it gradually fills wrinkles as if to redraw the contours of your face. It helps restore radiance and luminosity to your skin and considerably refine its texture. The Ultratime Perfecting Anti-Wrinkle Serum is to be applied to clean skin, in the morning and in the evening, in addition to your usual care. In addition, know that it can also be used on the neck and that it could well save your pretty cleavage ten years!

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