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A moisturizing and unisex formula signed Guerlain: Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle


A moisturizing and unisex formula signed Guerlain: Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle
A moisturizing and unisex formula signed Guerlain: Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle

Boost your skin’s hydration and preserve its youth with Guerlain Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle

Day after day, the skin acts as a shield to protect your body from external aggressions. However, for its effectiveness to be at its peak, it must necessarily be well hydrated. All beauty professionals are unanimous on the subject: just like daily skin cleansing, skin hydration is an essential gesture to preserve its beauty over the long term. When the skin is too dry, it tends to darken and mark itself faster, revealing the first wrinkles. To help you cope with the inevitable signs of time, Guerlain therefore invites you to use its Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle .

Super Aqua Universal Emulsion, natural ingredients at the service of your skin

Guerlain’s Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle benefits from all the expertise of this renowned brand, combined with a real desire to take care of your body and the planet. Thus, this treatment incorporates 97% of ingredients of natural origin, in accordance with the ISO16128 standard. The remaining 3% help to improve the sensoriality and texture of this treatment. Together, all of these natural elements form very advanced technology. Guerlain’s AquaBiotic system targets the skin ecosystem and strengthens the skin every day. It preserves it on a daily basis and makes it more beautiful and more radiant. Aquacomplex Advanced technology, on the other hand, promotes the flow of hydration and protects the skin from lack of water and dryness. Thus, the Super Aqua Universal Emulsion avoids the feeling of tightness and reinforces your comfort.

The moisturizing and unisex formula of Guerlain’s Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle

Super Aqua Emulsion Universelle is a treatment that is intended for both men and women. Presented in a blue and gold pump-bottle, it is a very elegant treatment, ideally designed to deliver the right dose of product in a simple pressure. Its very rich formula leaves no greasy feeling behind. The Super Aqua Universal Emulsion instantly penetrates the heart of the cells and immediately makes the skin fresher and more comfortable. This treatment can be used daily, on clean, dry skin, in the morning and in the evening.

The benefits of Super Aqua Universal Emulsion

To prove the effectiveness of its treatment, the Guerlain house has set up a whole host of skin tests. However, the results are final. From the first application, in barely 24 hours, the skin is better hydrated, up to 58%. It also gains 29% radiance. Of course, in seven days, these benefits only increase. The epidermis becomes more elastic and the skin texture is refined. After four weeks of treatment, 84% of men and women who tested this product find their face more beautiful, more radiant and more toned.

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