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1881 by Cerruti, a perfume designed to dress women


1881 by Cerruti, a perfume designed to dress women
1881 by Cerruti, a perfume designed to dress women

The Cerruti house is a family fabric company created by Stefano, Antonio and Quintino Cerruti in 1881. Also, it is quite logical that the brand decides to take this symbolic date back to create a range of perfumes. 1881 pour Femme is an essence conceived as a garment, with a view to magnifying women. Its scent is floral while not lacking in character. In addition, its bottle alone embodies all the feminine delicacy.

1881 for Women, a very couture fragrance

Nino Cerruti thinks of perfume like clothes. For him, the fabric is used to dress women while the perfume is used to reveal them. In addition, it is through his perfumed scents that he also unleashes all his creativity. According to him, the perfume “opens infinite horizons”. It is “a call to the senses and to the imagination. Like a spell, there is something instinctive and at the same time something very subtle. When Nino Cerruti talks about his essences, he says they are just like his clothes: natural, simple and sophisticated. Its ambition is to capture the charm of women to restore it in their wake. However, he doesn’t like to overdo it and prefers subtle scents over stubborn notes. For him, a perfume is something that you have to smell up close. Furthermore, he always takes care to match them with the most noble and natural materials. With 1881 pour Femme, he wanted to transcribe a universal woman in which everyone can recognize themselves, at the same time sophisticated, sensual, ambiguous, prudish while being full of daring.

Cerruti creates an invisible link between couture and perfumery

If one were to compare 1881 for Woman to a material, it would probably be a linen thread, both strong and particularly delicate. Indeed, this perfume is very feminine, intimate and full of emotion. Nino Cerruti put all his soul and all his creative genius into it to magnify his couture creations. Its start is fresh and bright. From the top notes, galbanum mingles with bergamot. In addition, this association is underlined by the lightness and purity of lily of the valley, accompanied by freesia. Her heart, meanwhile, is a huge bouquet of flowers. It combines jasmine, violet and mimosa. Femininity is then brought by the rose. In addition, the orange blossom makes sure to illuminate the whole. Finally, the background is more woody. In particular, we discover sandalwood, cedar, coriander and rosewood. This set is then underlined by benzoin as well as by musks, ambrette seeds and frankincense. The 1881 bottle for Woman takes the shape of a curve. It is a nod to the roundness of a shoulder and comes to life in a satin glass. Its flesh-pink color evokes the color of the skin and the rendering becomes particularly carnal. 1881 pour Femme not only perfumes women, it amplifies all their sensuality.

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