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1 Million Privé Paco Rabanne, a new perfume set


1 Private Million by Paco Rabanne, a niche fragrance in a unique box
1 Private Million by Paco Rabanne, a niche fragrance in a unique box

1 Million Privé, the latest luxury perfume from Paco Rabanne in a unique box

Gold has always been a material that fascinates people. Thus, we first transformed it into a nugget and then into jewelry or a precious ingot. In addition, since 2008, Paco Rabanne has also made a fragrance named 1 Million. This juice is not the image of a seductive man. He takes us to a fantasized universe in which everything that glitters makes you dizzy. Today, this cult perfume returns in a version called 1 Million Privé. Moreover, this oriental perfume also has its own box.

The new breath of 1 Million Privé

1 Million Privé is a fragrance that has preserved the soul of its predecessor . So, just like him, it begins with a fresh but spicy scent. It plays on contrasts and brings together tangerine and cinnamon. It is in its heart that an unprecedented olfactory accord appears: that of hookah tobacco. From then on, 1 Million Privé became a more intriguing fragrance. It rests on a very seductive and oriental base, this time sublimated by a trio of myrrh, tonka bean and patchouli.

The 1 Million Privé box

Perfectly matched to its bottle, the 1 Million Privé box has swapped its golden color of yesteryear for a more coppery shade. This cardboard study appears to be covered with a molten topping dripping on its walls. It has a particularly luxurious air and contains products from the 1 Million Privé range. Its fragrance is presented to us in a 100 ml spray bottle. It comes with a smaller 10ml bag spray as a gift. Thus, the smell of 1 Million Privé will never leave you!

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