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1 Million and Lady Million play Monopoly


1 Million and Lady Million play Monopoly
1 Million and Lady Million play Monopoly

How about a game of 1 Million Monopoly with Paco Rabanne?

Just a few weeks ago, the Paco Rabanne house did us the honor of presenting us two new and original versions of these cult perfumes: 1 Million and Lady Million. However, the art of diversion and the creative audacity of Paco Rabanne still seem to have knocked on the doors of his workshops if we are to believe these latest olfactory releases. Indeed, these two great perfumes now exist in a Monopoly version. However, because such a release would be nothing without an advertising campaign commensurate with this creativity, Paco Rabanne has just unveiled the long-awaited promotional film for these two niche fragrances.

Paco Rabanne takes us into a real James Bond!

The advertising for the new Lady Million and 1 Million is absolutely stunning. Its long version lasts about a minute and offers us a visual entirely tinted with black and gold, as if to refer to the emblematic colors of these two essences. The images are drawn there in the style of a comic book and the whole features two protagonists. The dice are rolled and a crazy adventure begins!

A car worthy of a James Bond descends on the game board. The woman at the wheel is however quickly chased by the police. A man dressed in a suit, as for the night, soars over the roofs of the city. The two are a couple worthy of an action movie. Numerous references to the game of Monopoly are displayed on the screen. Sometimes the game board even sits directly on top of the Lady Million bottle. Everything is worked in a very elaborate aesthetic and will also be available in a format of eight different mini films not exceeding fifteen seconds. This advertisement is a real tour de force!

Who are the new 1 Million and Lady Million Monopoly?

In fact, the main change made on these two fragrances lies in their visual. Although 1 Million and Lady Million remain immediately identifiable, this time they are decorated with several emblematic symbols of the game world. The word Monopoly is inscribed in a very visible way, in a typography reminiscent of the Far West. The two bottles are decorated with a pair of dice, the points of which are also enhanced with a few shiny stones for the female version. Nevertheless, the general appearance of these two bottles remains very recognizable.

1 Million has retained its old bar shape while Lady Million still looks like an oversized diamond. If this huge publicity stunt clearly aims to seduce collectors and fans of this essence, it should be noted that the fragrances strictly speaking of these two perfumes have remained unchanged. Thus, Lady Million always delivers a floral scent based on white flowers while its male counterpart, 1 Million, plays more the card of sensuality associated with fruity nuances.

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