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05 Violet, the new Clarins 4 Color Mineral Shade


05 Violet, the new Clarins 4 Color Mineral Shade
05 Violet, the new Clarins 4 Color Mineral Shade

Enhance your eyes with the eye shadows contained in the Clarins 4 Colors Palette

Eyeshadow has become a fashion staple in recent years. Although this is a makeup that has been around for centuries, it never seems to have been so successful! The models of the biggest catwalks do not hesitate to sport absolutely exquisite flashy color gradients. Similarly, we can no longer count the number of tutorials specially dedicated to its application present on the Internet. Also, in order to make your life easier, Clarins has grouped together four colors in a single eye shadow palette. Thus, you will be able to achieve superb play of shadow and light or gradations without ever suffering the slightest lack of taste.

The vibrant shades of the 4 Colors Palette

The Clarins 4 Color Palette is available in four versions. Indeed, Clarins wanted to satisfy the desires of each woman and wished to adapt its colors to each color of eyes. Thus, the Nude allows to obtain a very natural result. This will sublimate your eyelid with a radiance similar to that of skin golden by the sun. The Rosewood, meanwhile, stays in the same vein but intensifies very slightly. The Forest, on the other hand, is oriented more towards brown and khaki tones without being lacking in naturalness. Finally, the Violet is designed in cooler tones that combine wonderfully with hazel-colored looks. Each of the colors present in the 4 Colors Paletteis highly concentrated in mineral elements. Thus, the colors of the Clarins 4 Color Palettes provide instant coverage and will satisfy your every desire in just one pass. In addition, each palette comes with two small brushes. These allow you to create real contrasts and magnificent color schemes. Thus, the lighter shades will illuminate your gaze, giving it maximum volume. Darker colors, on the other hand, will give it depth.

The addition of a treatment signed by Clarins

However, before becoming a make-up artist, Clarins is especially recognized for its expertise in terms of cosmetology. Thus, an innovative treatment has been incorporated into each of its powders. In this case, the 4 Color Palettes contain carnauba wax. This product of natural origin comes from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree. It is a raw material in the form of brittle and very odorous yellow chips. These contain many fatty acids and bring a real feeling of comfort while revealing an incomparable shine. When the Clarins 4 Colors Palettes powder is applied to your eyelids, it protects them from any dryness or tightness. Thus, you will no longer want to scratch the top of your eye while being afraid of damaging your sublime makeup.

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